Misc. Rentals

Food & Beverage

1.5 Gallon Glass           11.3L Plastic

         Blue Glass Mason Jars with Handle

Cake Set               Spiral Cupcake Stands

                Candy Bar Set           

Spandex Cocktail Linen
White or Black

                                                                                            43" Folding Cocktail Table
32" Plastic Top

         6' Buffet Table              4' Folding Adjustable Height

Boxes, Holders & Baskets

Floral & Ribbon Decor not included

Wood/Metal Bird Cage          Antique Metal Bird Cage
Set of 2 Rustic Baskets

White Satin Card Box     Card Basket/Flower Girl Basket     

Assorted Crates
Grey & Natural Wood

Signs & Doors

                                 Wood Love-Wht or Blk

Mr. & Mrs. Letters

                                  Wood Board-Bride, Groom


Rustic Bi-Fold Doors
& Branch Bundles

        Wood Pillar Stands            Roman Pillar Stands

Floral & Props


White Only

12" or 16" Black Feather Ball        12" White Feather Balls                   17"-20" Ostrich Feathers       


8" Silk Flower Ball     Silk Flower Heads & Crystal Strands        White Silk Orchids    Fuchsia Silk Gerberas
                                                                                                                          Twine Wrapped Bottles

     7' LED Blossom Tree